Once again, Typepad inexplicably turned off the comments on my entire blog, but now the comments are just as inexplicably back on again. (If I blogged more avidly, and if I thought the transition to a new platform would be anything less than a nightmare, I'd move it elsewhere, like to Wordpress.) So if you've been eager to share your two cents on any of the obscure Irish writers I've been excerpting this month, you can now comment away!

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Duotrope's Digest - A Great Tool for Writers

I've recently discovered Duotrope's Digest, a really great tool for writers. It's not only a searchable database of 550+ markets for fiction and poetry, but you can also set up a free account which allows you to log in all of your journal submissions (journal, title, submission date, response date, response) and track their status. One neat feature shows what the average reported response time is for each journal, so if you have a submission that's been hanging out there for too long, you'll be reminded to follow up with the editor. The Digest's managers are also very accomodating in adding new journals to the database--they added about fifteen journals yesterday at my request, no questions asked.

I've got a real hodgepodge of submission logs for tracking the status of my stories--looseleaf notebook, web calendar, spreadsheet, web page--and Duotrope's Digest is by far the best solution I've found so far. If you're a writer, I heartily recommend it.

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I (Heart) Writeboard

Writeboard is one of the handiest online tools I've come across in ages. Since I was introduced to it a few months back (thanks, Andrew!) I've already used it for online storage of my NaNoWriMo novel, my Christmas shopping list, and a proposal letter for a book for Continuum's 33 1/3 series. It's incredibly easy to use, and perfect for jotting down random ideas that occur during the workday without having to keep track of a pile of looseleaf notes. Though I haven't used it yet as such, it would also be extremely useful for working on collaborative documents with far-flung partners. And best of all, it's free--at least for now. Check it out!

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Crossing My Mind

Gee, we're sorry, Garry, but few of us enjoy the privilege of your internationally syndicated platform in sharing our thoughts with the world. We'll all just keep quiet and bask in your genius. (Link via a blogger I can't recall, and to whom I apologize profusely.)

Fred Sasaki's piece at This is Grand, "Ring of Desire", makes me think that maybe I really don't miss city living, after all. I'll just settle for my dull, ordinary, Metra-transported suburbs, thanks.

And because I can't promote Barrelhouse nearly enough, check out their enjoyable new blog.

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Hooray for the Little Guy

I'm probably way behind the times on discovering this story, but it appears that big bad Microsoft might finally be easing up on its campaign to crush Mike Rowe like a bug.

Did Microsoft really believe that consumers would be confused by the similarity of his site name to that of their corporate colossus? And, if so, would Microsoft really want to have such simpletons as their customers?

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I was quite pleased to see someone access my blog via Google. As it turns out, using the search term "Elliott Smith" and "Buckley" puts me third in the rankings (see results), and ahead of the Amazonian behemoth! Although using "Jeff Buckley" instead knocks me down to seventh, four notches below Bezos' Folly.

I almost feel like my Web existence has been validated.

Followup, 12/1/03:
Hmmm. I now see that I've slipped to sixth, two notches below Amazon. Their highly-paid Google-placement consultants are obviously reaping rewards.

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