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I is for Ishiguro

Inspired by Stuck in a Book, I am continuing this occasional series, in which I will discuss favorite authors, alphabetically. The latest is Kazuo Ishiguro.

How many books do I have by Ishiguro?
Three: The Remains of the Day, A Pale View of Hills and When We Were Orphans.

How many of these have I read?
Two: The Remains of the Day and a Pale View of Hills. In addition to Orphans, I also want to read Never Let Me Go and The Buried Giant.

How did I start reading Ishiguro?
I think my wife read Never Let Me Go years ago, and though I still haven't read that book, it probably implanted Ishiguro's name in my mind. The Remains of the Day is his most acclaimed book, so it was inevitable that I would finally get around to reading it.

General impressions...
The Remains of the Day is absolutely wonderful, a quietly heartbreaking story of a staid English butler who is living through the end of the centuries-old era of the great manor houses, and struggling to transition from the only world he's ever known. It was also made into a highly acclaimed film (starring Anthony Hopkins as the butler) which I really want to see.

If you've never read Ishiguro, you should start with...
The Remains of the Day, absolutely.

If I had to get rid of one Ishiguro book, it would be...
Probably, Hills. The book was good, but seemed a bit slight and not very memorable, and I won't be reading it again. It also doesn't seem fair to get rid of Orphans before I've ever read it, and I'll certainly keep Remains around to read it again.

Other "I" candidates:
None. Seriously, none. Based on my Goodreads shelf (642 books read), I've only read one other "I" author, and I remember nothing about that single book. (No, I haven’t ever read John Irving.)

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Books given, books received

My annual Santa list.

Courtney Cerruti: Make Art Where You Are
Courtney Cerruti: One Color a Day Sketchbook
Charles Cross: Heavier Than Heaven
Stockholm Noir
Isabel Wilkerson: The Warmth of Other Suns
Johanna Fridriksdottir: Valkyrie
Honey Meconi: Hildegard of Bingen
Donald A. Norman: The Design of Everyday Things
Laurent Pernot: Before the Ivy
Kurt Vonnegut: The Last Interview
Edna O’Brien: Country Girls
Carl Sandburg: Chicago Poems
Carl Sandburg: Cornhuskers
David Rhodes: Driftless
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Last Interview
Jenny Odell: How to Do Nothing
Rockwell Kent: Wilderness
Daniel Woodrell: Winter’s Bone
Dmitry Samarov: Music To My Eyes
Alex Kotlowitz: An American Summer

Mark Costello: Middle Murphy
Joe Meno: The Boy Detective Fails

(Actually, I didn’t receive any books this year. Those two were gifts to myself. I’ve wanted both for a while, so I added them to my shopping cart while ordering gifts for family from University of Illinois Press and Akashic Books.)

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