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Introducing ALL IS BRIGHT

I am not a diligent writer. Though story ideas come to me easily, the will to do the actual work of writing is often lacking. I find that I need structure to make the writing happen, whether it’s the narrative framework that I choose to write within, or a fixed routine. I’ve written a few serialized pieces, but only to a single, specific reader, and never for the general public before the story is edited, polished and ready for the world. This time, I’m trying something different.

I recently read an ad for a “short-story Advent calendar.” For a not insubstantial price, one could buy a collection of 24 individually-bound short stories in a fancy box. I gagged on that price, and quickly decided against it, but the ad gave me the idea of writing a long-ish short story in daily serialized installments. And given the season, the story would be set on Christmas Eve, with the first installment appearing on December 1. 24 installments later, the story would be complete, also on Christmas Eve. But the twist is that only minimal editing will be done - each installment that is published will have been written the previous day, and will appear nearly verbatim (other than corrections of spelling errors or major grammar outrages) as first written, in longhand in my notebook. What you’re seeing is almost exactly as it was written, with no editorial second-guessing. Writing in 24 discrete installments, rather than writing the entire story at once and chopping it into 24 pieces, might also revive in me the discipline of writing every day, something I greatly need.

The story is called “All Is Bright.” Directions will appear here tomorrow.

I’m both excited and terrified to be attempting this. I think I have a pretty good story in mind, but as I mentioned earlier, ideas are the easy part for me. Whether I can do justice in writing to the story that right now exists solely in my head, remains to be seen. So, please be patient. By Christmas Eve you’ll either have a story you’ve enjoyed, or something to be forgotten in the midst of your holiday festivities.

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