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Le Vrai Chic Littérère


This is wonderful.

Ideally seeking to make literature more accessible to folks both geographically and financially, Megel-Nuber realized that his business’ overall appeal also depended on the look of his venue. So, he set out to open his second-hand bookstore in a tiny house. “I needed a place that makes people want to enter,” he says.

I think I might have discovered my post-retirement stay-busy occupation.

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For many years our small town had a bookstore in a small (one-story) house. It was for love, not money, run by two “faculty wives,” as they used to be called. It was a wonderful place, esp. on a cold day. Books everywhere, very little organization, neat little candies (Läkerol, pastilles) for sale at the little desk. I can still recall particular books I bought there — that’s the magic of a real bookstore. Their ’60s and ’70s ads in the college paper — dropping names like Baraka, Camus, Mailer, Sartre — are like postcards from another universe.

Thanks for the opportunity to remember something from my time and from before my time.

Posted by: Michael Leddy at Sep 23, 2019 9:30:29 AM