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“...a light-hearted preliminary.”

English writer Sid Chaplin, in 1960:

There is – or was – a language of caps. Pulled square to the ears it indicated that you were off to chapel or a leek show; tilted to the back of your head that you were on your way to the pub, a dance, or off courting – the real rake wore it sidewise to show off his parting.

Peak over nose was for relaxation in the sun, or for use as a visor when the pigeons homed in straight from the west before sunset. Late home after a convivial evening you opened the door and threw in your cap as a light-hearted preliminary.

I had never heard of Chaplin until this morning, but now I’m intrigued by his working-class novels set in the mid-century English Northeast. His books are probably hard to find here, I would guess. 

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