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“...that gift of not discovering...”

In Artie: A Story of the Streets and of the Town, George Ade writes this memorable character sketch:

Bancroft Walters is the second son of LaGrange Walters, who manufactures a superior kind of roofing and has grown moderately rich at it.

Bancroft plays the banjo, appears at amateur entertainments, goes to great many parties, and probably belongs to that indefinite class known as "society young men." He has a desk in his father's office, but it cannot be said truly that he is held down to office hours or that his salary represents the value of his actual service. He attended an eastern college for two years, and then came home for some reason, which perhaps only his fond and trusting mother could satisfactorily explain.

She knows it was the fault of the college.

Bancroft is inclined to be dapper, talkative and wonderfully full of self-assurance. Then he has that gift of not discovering that most people regard him as a very ordinary sort of person.

Bancroft is a childhood friend of the book's protagonist Artie Blanchard, but has "taken on airs" as his (inherited) social standing has grown elevated, far above that of the office clerk Artie. But Artie (and Ade) quickly cut Bancroft down to size, in devastating manner.

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