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The worst of Chicago

Given the pervasiveness of "Best of Chicago" pieces, it's refreshing to read the "Worst of Chicago" feature that The Reader ran last December. Here are some highlights, along with representative quotes.

The Chicago Authenticity Police might be worse than actual cops
“Deep-dish is just for tourists, they say. Real Chicagoans prefer thin-crust square-cut pies, delivered from a neighborhood joint that's been there so long the phone number listed on signage still starts with an obsolete alphabetical exchange abbreviation.”

Chicago’s thirst for a ‘celebrity culture’ is an embarrassment
“At best, it's awkward—with a distinct lack of self-awareness the media trumpets such people and attempts to shoehorn in ever more notables as a means of legitimizing Chicago's existence.”

The Chicago bro is coming to ruin your neighborhood
“The toxicity spikes during the the bacchanalian binge-drinking marathons of Saint Patrick's Day and TBOX (the Twelve Bars of Xmas bar crawl), when the bros are empowered to spill out from their barstools to treat Chicago as if it's their own private beer garden. Venture into Wrigleyville on those days and the streets look like a scene from the world's whitest, most dude-centric zombie movie—call it The Walking Ted.”

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