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Even more Gorey


This is quite wonderful - especially the cat episode. The Wickeys did a great job of capturing Gorey's drawing style.

Back in the mid-'90s, a student filmmaker named Christopher Seufert began to cast around for projects. A native of Cape Cod, Seufert kept hearing about Gorey, who lived a few miles away in the town of Yarmouth. After reading up on his work, Seufert arranged a meeting, gained Gorey’s trust, and began work on a film. Then, Gorey died.

Now, some 17 years later, Seufert’s documentary, tentatively titled “Gorey,” is close to completion. The animation seen here — animation that, like the rest of the series, is the work of son and father team Benjamin and Jim Wickey — was created from audio recordings of Gorey. These particular audio bits didn’t fit in Seufert’s film but we found them too delightful to just ignore.

I'm really looking forward to Seufert's documentary.

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