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Hüsker Dü

Robert Christgau, on Hüsker Dü's Zen Arcade:

But though I hate to sound priggish, I do think it could have used a producer. I mean, it was certainly groovy (not to mention manly) to record first takes and then mix down for forty hours straight, but sometimes the imperfections this economical method so proudly incorporates could actually be improved upon. It wouldn't be too much of a compromise to make sure everyone sings into the mike, for instance, and it's downright depressing to hear Bob Mould's axe gather dust on its way from vinyl to speakers.

I'm listening to New Day Rising right now at work, and lord, do I ever concur. One of my never-to-be-realized dreams is for the band's entire catalog to be remixed and reissued. The music is brilliant, but often hard to appreciate through the murk. Although, admittedly, the band would have been even greater had they been less prolific - six full-length albums (including two double LPs) and an EP, all in just six years, means they released almost every song they created. Their 1987 implosion probably had as much to do with running out of new material as Mould, Hart and Norton having gotten sick and tired of being around each other.

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