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“They’re not all bums that sleeps here.”

I love this Chicago reporter’s 1883 description of vagrants sleeping in Lake-Front Park (now Grant Park):

As a tramps’ paradise the park was an eminent success. Deep, raspy snores, indicative of a tranquil slumber, floated up from various quarters of the park, and here and there could be dimly seen a recumbent figure, flat on its back, its arms and legs ungracefully distributed about it, a coat serving as a pillow and darkness as a cove.


“They’re not all bums that sleeps here. Some of ‘em are pretty well-to-do, but put on their old clothes, leave their valuables at home, and come down here to sleep. It’s cooler, you know, than sleeping in a close room. Come down and try it some night, and I’ll see that you ain’t arrested.”

I can vouch for the latter. My dad and his siblings used to sleep in Chicago city parks on hot summer nights.

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I slept in a car in one of those Chicago waterfront parks years ago. Something about a missed call and someone's apartment not being available when expected. Ah, youth!

Posted by: Paul at Jul 6, 2018 3:39:55 AM