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“I have to listen to music while I write, and usually I play just one song at a time. I repeat it all day, often for weeks on end. Months, even. There’s one song that I replayed up to 30,000 times during the ten years I was writing The Incendiaries. I love that song and its powers; I can’t tell you its name, lest it stop helping me. By obsessively replaying a single song at a time, I can, if I’m lucky, set the pitch. It gives me a place to start. The ritual of it, the repetition, lulls and quiets my anxious, everyday self. The ego goes silent, which lets my writing self emerge, and begin to sing. Even now, months after I last edited The Incendiaries, to play the song I can’t name is to be pulled back toward my novel, into my made-up town of Noxhurst. The still, quiet voice. That’s what I used to listen for, back when I was deeply religious: the still, quiet voice of God. I’ve lost that kind of faith, but I do believe in fiction’s voice, and in spending the rest of my life, or so I hope, listening for it.” R.O. Kwon 

Wow. As much as I love music, I don’t think there’s even one song that I would want to hear 30,000 times, especially not while I’m trying to focus on writing. This author’s powers of concentration must be far superior to mine. Even with a favorite song, after only about nine or ten listenings I’d be itching to cue up something else. 

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Nor could I, but I get what she says about letting/getting her writing self to emerge.

Posted by: Paul at Jul 31, 2018 4:21:27 AM