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Summer of Classics

I've developed a (fairly recent) admiration for Eudora Welty, but other than the widely-anthologized "Why I Live at the P.O.", I've never read any of her short stories, for which she is widely renowned. (I've read her novels The Optimist's Daughter, The Ponder Heart and Delta Wedding; her memoir One Writer's Beginnings; and her collected correspondence with William Maxwell.) So, for this year's Summer of Classics, I'm reading nothing but Welty's short stories. I'm starting with her 1949 collection The Golden Apples, which is entirely set in the fictional MacLain County in Mississippi. After that, I have my eye on a used copy of Thirteen Stories (1965) at Open Books, but after that I'm uncertain. I'm intentionally trying to avoid Collected Stories or her Library of America story volume - I really don't care for story omnibuses (too unwiedly, both in physical heft and wandering theme/tone), and would really prefer to read her shorter, original collections. I'll probably be relying heavily on my public library after I've finished The Golden Apples.

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