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“A borrowed impression of home.“

In The Guardian, Ross Raisin remembers his rural upbringing in Yorkshire, and charmingly, the country-surrogate plot of land he discovered near Heathrow Airport. About Yorkshire:

Enclosed by its tumbled drystone walls, I would build fires, or sledge, or sit alone watching for movements in the grass. From the top of the field I scanned the horizon for distant towns, forests, and the ghostly green land that as a child I believed was a faraway continent; then, later, Riddlesden Golf Club. That field was the base from which I understood and felt the world, beneath my arse and through my fingertips.

I really enjoy this series, “Made in...” that The Guardian runs every weekend. It’s always interesting to hear people, especially writers, talk about the place they come from and how it shaped who they are today. 

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