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Slight detour in my Irish March...

I ordered that Val Mulkerns book from interlibrary loan more than a week ago, but it hasn’t even been shipped yet. So I stopped off at Open Books on Friday afternoon and happened to find a used copy of The Springs of Affection by Maeve Brennan, whom I’ve never read. (I only first leaned about her from this series of tributes to Irish women writers in The Irish Times.)

Brennan was an Irish-American writer who wrote for more than twenty years for The New Yorker, where her editor was William Maxwell. He was a big fan of Brennan’s work, and since he always had excellent literary taste, his word is good enough for me. The book collects Dublin stories from throughout her career. I read the first two this morning, both of which were good - and based on Maxwell’s introduction, the stories should get even better later on. 

I’ll still read the Mulkerns book, whenever it finally arrives. 

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