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Even during the holidays, I'm not a particularly merry person - not that I'm at all glum, just that I'm not boisterous. A second or third cocktail makes me quieter, not noisier. Still, I like the sentiment of George Wither's poem "A Christmas Carol", and particularly this portion:

Hark how the roofs with laughters sound!
Anon they'll think the house goes round,
For they the cellar's depth have found,
And there they will be merry.

I'm guessing the cellar is where the merrymakers will discover the trove of hard cider or ale. I wonder if they will ever make it upstairs in time for Christmas dinner.

(Via Patrick Kurp).

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I'll have three babies waking up in my house on Xmas morning. I don't think I'll have any choice but to be boisterous then (despite my nature).

Posted by: Paul at Dec 23, 2017 4:17:32 AM

That’s a lot of boister.

Posted by: Pete at Dec 26, 2017 11:09:29 AM