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"...like thin old wine-skins overfilled..."

H.G. Wells, on religious converts:

Disgust of the narrow life, of all baseness, took shape in narrowness and baseness. The quickened soul ended the night a hypocrite; prophets disputed for precedence; seductions, it is altogether indisputable, were frequent among penitents! and Ananias went home converted and returned with a falsified gift. And it was almost universal that the converted should be impatient and immoderate, scornful of reason and a choice of expedients, opposed to balance, skill, and knowledge. Incontinently full of grace, like thin old wine-skins overfilled, they felt they must burst if once they came into contact with hard fact and sane direction.

True, this is from a novel (In the Days of the Comet), but this isn’t simply a narrator talking, independent of the author. This book is full of so many rants and diatribes that this passage can’t be construed as anything but Wells using his narrator as a megaphone.

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