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R.E.M., Dead Letter Office


My second vinyl LP to be digitized is R.E.M.'s Dead Letter Office, a 1987 collection B-sides and outtakes. The album has both band originals (including the great "Bandwagon") and covers of the Velvet Underground, Pylon, Aerosmith and Roger Miller. It's probably the most fun album they ever did - with no concerns about great art or commercial success, but just letting loose and rocking out. And for such a meticulous band, it's particularly refreshing to hear their drunken version of Miller's "King of the Road", with Michael Stipe butchering lyrics and Peter Buck and Mike Mills shouting chord changes back and forth.

I upgraded my LPs of Murmur and Reckoning to CD quite a few years ago, and more recently bought their debut EP, Chronic Town, on iTunes. I've owned the Dead Letter Office LP for nearly as long as the others (according to the price sticker, I bought it at Second Hand Tunes in Evanston, where I used to sneak off to during my work lunch hour), and I'm glad to finally have it in digital.

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