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"Lord of the Ratios"

I just rediscovered this pseudo-story - my somewhat inspired effort to reimagine my dull banker workday as an epic quest. I wrote it as a series of Facebook status updates, back in January 2011.

Lord of the Ratios

Peter Anderson...

...sets off on an epic quest, armed with nothing but his wits and willful spirit, to his destiny - a commuter train, a non descript office and a dragon's horde of credit approvals. The august and lordly loan committee awaits.

...mounts the noble steed Metra and journeys from the Golden City of Joliet, through the riverside villages Lockport and Lemont, then the forest idyll of Willow Springs and verdant glade of Summit. At last he arrives at the forbidding fortress of Chicago, breaching it by stealth through the tunnel under the old post office.

...arrives at the council chamber and meets his fellow thains, and together they address the assembly: Lord Lynculf and Prince Rynnel, High Priest Morthgar and Crown Prince Hophemil, and at the head of the immense table, King Brusstal the Valorous, kindly ruler and hero of past wars.

...and the other thanes - Cristeff, Gawain, Jolgor - humbly make their request: land for the forge, gold for the warehouseman and continued favor for the livery.

...leaves the chamber, the council having merely grunted its assent, yet he feels no sense of triumph. He settles into his quarters for the rest of the workday, knowing this less-than-epic quest will resume the next week, and every week after.

...thus concludes the Lord Of The Ratios saga.

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