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"When we had reached the last step of this glorious ladder, it was difficult to get down again without stumbling."

Lord Byron describes a bout of pre-Halloween overindulgence and its aftermath, in 1815.
Kinnaird and I had to conduct Sheridan down a damned corkscrew staircase, which had certainly been constructed before the discovery of fermented liquors, and to which no legs, however crooked, could possibly accommodate themselves.
Actually, I doubt that Halloween parties were a thing back then. Most likely this binge had nothing to do with any seasonal occasion. Cold and rainy here today - I doubt we'll have any trick or treaters.

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Don't count me out! I'll be at your door and you won't even recognize me cuz I'll be in a costume.

Posted by: Paul at Oct 31, 2015 2:34:00 PM

Oh, so was that you in the dual Donald Trump-Ben Carson costume? VERY scary!

Posted by: Pete at Nov 7, 2015 9:17:25 AM