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I'm very pleased to announce the publication of my short story "Siren", in the latest edition of CCLaP Weekender. It's noir, replete with a femme fatale, a smoky bar and a burglary caper, but with a few twists added to keep it fresh. My sincere thanks to Jason Pettus, Behn Reza and everyone else at CCLaP.

I wrote the story over the entire course of 2014, one section per month, in longhand on postcards which I sent to my good friend Joe Peterson. (Extra big thanks to Joe for his enthusiastic reading of the story as it progressed - without his support, I probably never would have finished the story.) The process was very improvisational - each month when I sat down to write a new card, I really didn't have a strong idea where the story was going. I just had a mental image of the bar and the two characters that stayed in my head, and I just let the story go where it wanted. The finished version of the story varies very little from the longhand original.

At first I had hoped to publish the story in serial form, with twelve installments corresponding to each of the original twelve postcards. That (besides knowing Jason for quite a few years) is what drew me to CCLaP Weekender in the first place - its weekly publication schedule seemed to make it the most likely venue for serialization. But after discussions with Behn, it turns out that the individual postcards/sections were too short (around 300 words) for the magazine's layout, so we agreed to publish the story as a single piece. CCLaP Weekender is always beautifully designed, and this issue is no exception - I'm thrilled with how it turned out, and especially with the unexpected addition of the photograph of a mysterious redhead who could easily pass for my protagonist.

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