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"Best Chicago Novels by Neighborhood"

At Gapers Block, Adam Morgan compiles a nice list of Chicago fiction, by neighborhood. For the record, I've read nine of these (Sinclair, Anderson, Hemon, Dybek, Dreiser, Wright, Farrell, Algren, Meno's Office Girl), and another five are already on my to-read list (Cather, Meno's The Great Perhaps, Norris, Fuller's The Cliff-Dwellers, Motley). The most obvious omission that comes to mind is Don De Grazia's American Skin, set in Lakeview; Harry Mark Petrakis certainly has to be included in there as well - probably for Greektown - though I've yet to read any of his novels.

(I've actually read a tenth book on this list, but people really need to stop referring to Larson's embellished history as fiction. So, I'm not counting it.)

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