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Literary cycling

How fitting to read this list ("The 10 best books about cycling") just a few hours after my weekly Saturday morning ride. I've already added the Wells, Krabbe and Bartolini books to my list (the Beckett was already there, though I haven't looked for it aggressively, and I've read The Third Policeman but didn't care much for it). I'll never be a racer and probably not even a daily rider, but I love my weekly rides. I never go for speed, just for good exercise and enjoying the outdoors.

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I've not read a one of them (though I've seen The Bicycle Thief movie). Am I mistaken, or was there not one American novel in the bunch?

Posted by: Paul at Jul 13, 2015 4:45:12 AM

You're right. But it's the Guardian, which is generally Eurocentric (other than their wall-to-wall Harper Lee coverage this weekend - egad). And cycling's much more popular in Europe than here.

Posted by: Pete at Jul 13, 2015 11:01:42 AM