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Photographs from Hilton Head Island

We vacation in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, nearly every year. While there, we just take it easy - sleeping in, walking the beach, swimming in the pool, enjoying good dinners and cocktails. All of that down time means plenty of opportunities for photography. Here are some of my favorites from the past week.

Sunset (small)

Sunsets are so beautiful there, it's almost impossible to not take great images in the evening. It almost feels like cheating.


Channel (small)

When the tide recedes, it often leaves behind a channel of water which sometimes flows back into the ocean, and sometimes remains stranded in a pool that lingers until the next high tide. This is the former; walking the ridged sand often leaves you at the end of a peninsula, at which point you either have to turn back or walk through water that can be two or even three feet deep.


Jellyfish (small)

Most of the jellyfish we found were washed up on the sand, and dead, but this one survived (momentarily?) in a tidal pool, where it was propelling itself around in its gentle manner. So gently, in fact, that it could be easy to forget how painful its sting would be. I wish I could say I'm such a brilliant photographer that I intentionally framed this photo to include the beach umbrella at the upper right, which echoes the shape and position of the jellyfish. But I never even saw the umbrella until I edited the photograph hours later.


Chairs (small)

Just before leaving the resort, while taking one last view from our patio, I admired the graceful curve of these deck chairs. But in the original photo, the curve was lost amid background clutter. So during editing, I turned down the brightness and turned up the contrast, and all that remained is the chairs and tables. Nicely abstract, I think.

Incidentally, the first three photos were taken with my new GoPro camera, which has an ultra-wide-angle lens that creates a fisheye effect. No, the horizon is not curved in Hilton Head.

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