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Ramsin Canon on Rahm Emanuel

At Gapers Block, Ramsin Canon writes about Rahm Emanuel and why political strategies that are effective nationally often don't work on a smaller local scale.
What he reaped for this sin of hubris was a whirlwind of deep and abiding loathing after a series of bad decisions--firing library staff, cutting mental health centers, shutting down schools in black and brown communities, raising regressive fees, installing nickel-and-diming red light and speed cameras, and provoking a teachers' strike.

It is notable that his campaign flacks, from David Axelrod on down, characterize these as "tough" decisions. These are not tough decisions; they are decisions that disproportionately harm poor and black and brown people. Ending mental health services for the poor and working class people is a sad decision. Making the rich and powerful pay to keep those mental health services going is a tough decision.
I've read and admired Ramsin's writing for a long time now, and this is some of his best.

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That’s powerful commentary. So many people in positions of leadership should think on the difference between “sad” and “tough.”

Posted by: Michael Leddy at Feb 28, 2015 4:07:06 PM