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"We were scared, as we didn’t know what to do – I think some of our best music came from that."

I just came across an interesting 2008 interview with Paul Westerberg in the UK music magazine Uncut, which is presented as his commentary on most of the Replacements' albums and Westerberg solo albums. This is from his comments about Let It Be:

Writing songs like "Androgynous" and "Answering Machine" wasn’t difficult - I’d been tinkering with stuff like that early on. Presenting them to the group was. It was hard getting across the idea we should just put the best songs on the record, even if there wasn’t always a place for Bob to have a hot lead. Bob was the hard one to get to acquiesce. So the breakthrough LP ended up putting the chink in the armour of the idea of us as a four-piece rock band.

Bob Stinson's presence seems to hover over every one of Westerberg's responses. Clearly he hasn't gotten over Bob's death, and probably never will.

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