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High praise from Karl Wolff

Yes, it's been an unusually busy day of blogging, but I've saved the best for last. Karl Wolff, staff reviewer at Chicago Center for Literature and Photography, has named Wheatyard as his Best First Novel of 2013, as well as Best Overall Book Design of the year. He calls my narrative voice "by turns, tender and vicious," which is flattering - tender, maybe, but I never thought of my writing as vicious. Maybe a new side to explore? (Karl reviewed the book for CCLaP back in June.)

I had nothing to do with the book design, the credit for which goes Pablo D'Stair, the publisher of Kuboa Press, for overall design and Carlos M. Gonzalez-Fernandez for the cover art. Interestingly, Karl is the second person I've known who commented favorably on the mass-market paperback format. Though I was wary of the format at first (which I had previously associated with Harlequin romances), I soon fell in love with the compact dimensions. It's a beautiful little edition, and Pablo and Carlos did a great job. Kudos to them.

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