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Wheatyard reviewed in American Book Review


Matt Baker writes a great review of Wheatyard in the latest issue (September/October 2013) of American Book Review. (It's just a coincidence that this issue's focus in on "Sex Writing." Nary a hint of sex in Wheatyard, alas.) Here's an excerpt:

What makes Anderson’s straightforward novel so refreshing is the way he portrays the student-mentor relationship; we’d expect the student (the narrator) to fill his role enthusiastically, a pleasing kind of subservience, but rather, the narrator is intrigued by Wheatyard’s nudges to write, and introduction to storytelling, but it isn’t until the end that the narrator unearths, on his own and at the right moment for him, this urge to write.

The full review is here. I've heard great things about ABR but haven't read it yet, so of course I'll be buying a copy. I encourage you to do likewise.

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