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Wheatyard reviewed, then reviewed again

It's been an unusually busy day for Wheatyard. First, this fine review from my good friend and writer Paul Lamb.
The reader, just like the unmoored graduate who is the narrator, is invited to speculate on the things left unsaid, to fill in the story that is untold, and in the end, to complete the tale in whatever way is most satisfying (including the tantalizing "satisfaction" of never really ever being able to know).
Then there's this equally fine review from James Claffey at Philadelphia Review of Books.
Anderson’s book is a subtle examination of the writer’s struggle, of the ghosts of Wheatyard’s parents and spectral sister, and of the importance of storytelling. Despite Wheatyard being a physically small book, beautifully produced by Kuboa, it is also a big, brave book written with precision and wholeheartedness.
Thank you, Paul and James!

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