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What the hell is Wheatyard about, anyway?

It recently occurred to me that, with all my talk about trying to get Wheatyard published and finally getting my offer from Kuboa Press, I've never really explicitly explained what the book is about. It's weird being so immersed in creating a book that, although all of it makes perfect sense to me, it's very hard to succinctly explain it to others. So, as I continue to craft my elevator pitch, here's the standard written description I gave to prospective publishers.
Wheatyard is the story of the enigmatic, unpublished writer Elmer Glaciers Wheatyard and the unnamed narrator (a business school graduate stuck in an Illinois college town, jobless, after graduation) who improbably befriends him. During the course of a summer the two circle each other, with Wheatyard eager to exert his authority yet wary of revealing his personal life while the narrator struggles to focus on launching his finance career but finds himself distracted and passively fascinated by the writer. Though at first polar opposites, they gradually yield their idealistic extremes and arrive at a common ground that will better position themselves for the rest of their lives. The book meditates on art versus commerce, idealism versus pragmatism, and independence versus survival, as it reveals the lives of two very different people who have more in common than they realize, and also celebrates the subtle beauty of the rural Midwest.

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I think it sounds great, especially the rural Midwest part. I'll definitely read it. I just have to remind myself to check here from time to time so I know when it's available.

Posted by: Brandon at Feb 19, 2013 2:06:09 PM

Brandon, great to hear from you again. The book is scheduled to come out on April 30, and possibly sooner.

Posted by: Pete at Feb 19, 2013 2:39:03 PM

School got in the way of blogging and reading (for pleasure, anyway). I may not check in very often, but at least know you aren't forgotten. :-)

Posted by: Brandon at Feb 19, 2013 9:19:54 PM