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All Our Bookcases


This is the first in a series of photographs of the many bookcases in our house. With all of us being serious readers, we own thousands of books which are scattered across almost every room in the house, with only minimal organization. Mostly the books end up wherever they'll fit, which always makes for pleasant hunting the next time we're looking for them.

This bookcase is in our bedroom, on top of my dresser. Both the dresser and shelf are from my boyhood home (someday we'll have new and unified bedroom furnishings, but with an old house there's never any shortage of renovations to pay for, so this will have to do for now). Generally, the books here are still unread - highlights include The Chicago Tribune Tower Competition: Skyscraper Design and Cultural Change in the 1920s by Katherine Solomonson (who happens to be my cousin), Enigma: The Life of Knut Hamsun by Robert Ferguson and Echo House by Ward Just. Unlike most of our bookcases, this one also houses various non-book items, highlights of which include a Fighting Illini football nesting doll (bought by my sister in, of all places, St. Petersburg, Russia), various family photographs (including one of my dad in his twenties) and an official Northern League baseball that I found in the alley across the street from Joliet's Silver Cross Field (I'm guessing it was a foul ball that was never found).

I promise that future additions to this series will have better lighting and resolution. I took this photo at night with only ambient light - every flash photo I attempted inexplicably had a big circle of glare.

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