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All Our Bookcases, continued


Next up in our bookcase collection is this solid 1960s model, which Julie brought home from a garage sale for just a buck or two. One nice aspect of this bookcase is its short height, which allows storage/display of oversized/"doorstop" books (like The Autobiography of Mark Twain, which I'm now wondering if I'll ever read) which are hard to fit elsewhere. This is kind of an overflow bookcase, with a mix of read and unread books - and some vacant space, which is rare on our shelves. Notable books here are several David Mitchells, half a dozen back issues of The Baffler from the 1990s, four Jim Thompson hardboiled novels from Vintage/Black Lizard, The Norton Anthology of English Literature (a holdover from college), and three of Kent Haruf's four novels (the fourth, The Tie That Binds, is on one of my to-read shelves elsewhere).

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I've gotten about halfway through the Twain autobiography and I've been stalled for months. I really should give it some love.

Posted by: Paul at Jan 21, 2013 12:10:18 PM