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First lines, 2012

As another year winds down, it's time to get self-indulgent again, and post the first line from the first blog post of each month of 2012.

January: I've written poetry from email spam in the past, piecing together one line each from various random spams I've received.
February: A small East Coast press, which I greatly admire, has apparently declined Wheatyard without even telling me.
March: Yesterday I wrote my twenty-fifth and final letter of the Month of Letters project.
April: Oh wow, oh wow.
May: Proust may have had his madeleines, but Ralph Ellison had his yams.
June: Another bad jobs report today - only 69,000 jobs created in May.
July: The Chicago architecture blog designslinger has a nice feature today on the Chicago Daily News Building, where I worked for five years for my previous employer.
August: This is one of the sharpest observations that I've ever encountered about American politics.
September: Chicago literary mastermind Jason Pettus has come up with a new twist on his annual fall anthology at the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography.
October: Apparently I'm a writer again.
November: The top photo is a 1929 image of the fountain on the plaza at the Chicago Daily News Building.
December: Jeff Sypeck passes along the story of a curious used bookstore find...

Found poetry, Wheatyard rejection, writing letters, vintage signage, Ellison's yams, economics, architecture, politics, literature as serialized podcasts, another GalleyCat remix project, architecture, serendiptious find at the used bookstore. Interesting to note that: only seven of the twelve are literature-related (further reason to continue not thinking of this as a litblog); two of the twelve involved the Chicago Daily News Building (which is hardly an obsession of mine); and only one was a manuscript rejection (most of those must have come mid-month).

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