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News of the Weird


Okay, this has to be the weirdest baseball story I've ever heard: the home run that never came back down.
The right fielder, second baseman, and center fielder all ran toward where they thought the fly ball would come down. Upon each man losing sight of the ball, all ducked, covering their heads. They tried to follow the play from their cringes, and then came out of their cringes. No one saw the ball land. No one could find the ball. Joe Wallis hesitantly rounded the bases. The umpire upheld the notion that Wallis had hit a home run.
And it was hit by none other than my childhood baseball antihero, Tarzan Joe Wallis. Despite it being a low-level Class A game in 1974, there were many still-familiar names involved: Garry Templeton, Bruce Sutter, Donnie Moore, and future top college basketball coach Lon Kruger.

(Via Cardboard Gods.)

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