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Daily News Plaza




The top photo is a 1929 image of the fountain on the plaza at the Chicago Daily News Building. The second photo was taken yesterday, from the exact same vantage point (the building is now called Two North Riverside Plaza). Sadly, the fountain is no longer functional, and during my visit yesterday there was also a complete absence of behatted gentlemen and genial ladies. (The only person present was a guy, just out of view behind the foliage at the right, copping a quick smoke.) But although all of that foliage is a poor substitute for gloriously descending water, it's actually a big improvement over a few years ago, when Washington Mutual (then still in its heyday of pushing subprime mortgages on every homeowner who still had a pulse) leased the space for advertising, and built a miniature log cabin inside the basin to represent, I guess, how cozy and quaint owning one's own home could be. Within the context of the grand Art Deco plaza, the log cabin was one of the most hideously incongruous pieces of advertising I've ever seen.

The last photo shows detail of the sculpture on each side of the fountain. I'm really not sure what that's supposed to be. A fish? An alligator?

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I have lunch in that plaza when the weather is nice. It gives you a great view of the lyric building, which has nice detail. It lends itself to the imagination much better than the glass boxes do.

Posted by: Brian at Nov 1, 2012 10:32:54 PM

I used to work in the Two North Riverside building. I didn't spend much time on the plaza, though - I like to go far from the office whenever I leave.

Posted by: Pete at Nov 2, 2012 10:11:46 AM