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Writer's voice, book's voice

Ordinarily I roll my eyes and flip/click past those "what writing is" essays, which are usually terminally plagued by vague generalities and so-broad-they're-meaningless pronouncements. But I actually like this piece by Sadie Jones at Powells.com about persistence and the writer's voice:

I prefer to think of it in terms of the book's voice; for me that is an altogether more vibrant and fascinating thing. The book itself has life, has its voice, and my job is to discover it. I am often convinced when writing that the world of the story exists effortlessly somewhere and I must use all my facility, all my energy, my persistence, in fact, to find it.

Though I probably haven't been persistent enough with that novel concept I mentioned a few months back (which is on hiatus for now), still, that story is doing a very good job of hiding itself.

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Thanks for that link.

Posted by: Paul at May 30, 2012 12:41:29 PM