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"That door of the library was the door into me..."

Spitalfields Life is always a pleasure for me to read, but even more so today with its profile of Bernard Kops, the playwright and poet. Kops seems to have had some harrowing stretches in his life, but he's come out on the other side, alive and well, with his wife of fifty-eight years still at his side. I really like his poem "Whitechapel Library, Aldgate East" which celebrates the redemptive and transformative power of public libraries and literature. Here are the closing lines:

Welcome young poet, in here you are free
to follow your star to where you should be.

That door of the library was the door into me

And Lorca and Shelley said “Come to the feast.”
Whitechapel Library, Aldgate East.

A poet who isn't afraid of rhyme and meter. I like that.

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