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On Friday night, I had a very ominous dream. (Might have become a nightmare, had I slept longer.) We were sitting in our car, just outside of a military base. We were trying to drive inside, but the base seemed to be on some sort of high-alert lockdown. Then I was in a corporate conference room with several apparent work colleagues, and we were being addressed by some executive. He prefaced his remarks by pointing out how each one us, while from different backgrounds, had come together and done so much for each other. The message seemed unsettlingly like those post-9/11 appeals for unity and strength, and my impression is that the executive was about to deliver some devastating news, on the order of a nuclear or terrorist attack. Then I woke up, bringing the dream to an inconclusive end.

Downstairs in the kitchen, as I began to feed our cats, I remembered my dream. Though it didn't greatly concern me, it still stuck in my mind. It occurred to me to check my phone, just to make sure a global catastrophe hadn't occurred overnight that my dream was a premonition of. The first news site I have bookmarked is the Chicago Tribune, and when I pulled that up the first two headlines were "Jeffery a controversial pick for Bears" and "Bulls can alleviate anxiety only with championship."

I breathed a mild sigh of relief, knowing that even the Tribune wouldn't run two sports stories ahead of a catastrophe. Trifling mundanity was safe for another day.

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