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Fever Pitch at 20

Nick Hornby laments the gentrification of the English Premier League.

"My impression is that most kids go now [to football matches] as they would go to the theatre, a treat, something they would see three or four times a year...Because of the way the Premiership is, you can sell out football grounds like that. Whether in 20 years' time these kids will still be keen to go, or whether they will want to go two or three times a year, or whether the habit will have gone, it feels as if it's going to be different."

Pretty much the same thing has happened with baseball here in the states. Gone are the days when the Cubs would draw only 10,000 fans on a Wednesday afternoon, half of whom were juvenile delinquents and truants, and even on weekends you could buy tickets at the booth fifteen minutes before the game, for less than ten bucks. Though I'm a big fan of Hornby, I still haven't read Fever Pitch, nor his most recent novel Juliet, Naked. Really need to get caught up.

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