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Lynd Ward


Today's Inspiration has a great batch of woodcuts by Lynd Ward, who is generally considered to be the first graphic novelist. (I've been meaning to peruse his Library of America omnibus, Six Novels in Woodcuts, hopefully from my local library. It's expensive and not necessarily the sort of thing I'd ever "read" a second time, so I might go the library route as a trial run.) Intriguingly, that blogger says that while Ward's better known woodcuts leave him cold, "there is another side to Ward's work - one less well known," which he'll begin presenting tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

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Interesting. I've been thinking about woodcuts for my work. There's a strange smoky, charcoal-y aura exclusive to woodcuts.

Posted by: Shelley at Feb 21, 2012 10:20:27 AM