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Wheatyard has been declined for the sixth time, with the latest by Seven Stories Press. (I've refrained thus far from naming names, but will do so in the future when I've been treated fairly and respectfully, as was certainly the case here.) I knew Seven Stories was a longshot, but they have an open submissions policy and have long championed Nelson Algren (my literary hero), so even the slight possibility of being published alongside Algren made a query impossible to resist. Though their rejection letter was fairly boilerplate - not even mentioning Wheatyard by name - at least it was on actual company letterhead and personally signed by the editor. Despite being yet another rejection, I'm very glad I gave this one a try. Onward.

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In other news: 26.5 pound letter heading your way.

Posted by: Paul at Feb 22, 2012 9:46:28 AM

That will certainly be the best writing-related news I've gotten this week.

Posted by: Pete at Feb 22, 2012 11:36:32 AM