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Edwin Porter Brewery


Here's an interesting historical piece in the Joliet Herald-News about the old Porter Brewery, including a column by the late John Whiteside on the Feds' attempted crackdown during Prohibition. Edwin Porter's son Harry built our house, in 1927, but passed away before it was completed - his wife re-married shortly afterward and lived in the house for a while. When we first looked at the house I was pleasantly surprised to see that the knocker on the front door is engraved with the name "Porter." I wonder what Mrs. Porter's second husband thought about having that around as a constant reminder of whom came first.

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You should work that little fact into a story sometime.

Posted by: Paul at Dec 1, 2011 7:24:24 PM

Or something similar - a tangible reminder of a deceased first husband (especially if the wife is still longing for him) would certainly definitely add some nice narrative tension to a story.

Posted by: Pete at Dec 2, 2011 9:24:12 AM