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Save Michael Brand Brewery!


The rapidly-expanding electronics chain H.H. Gregg reportedly plans to buy and demolish the former Michael Brand Brewery complex at 2500 N. Elston, for a new store location. As the linked-to article notes, there's plenty of vacant land and underused buildings along that stretch of Elston (which is also already saturated with big-box stores) which the company could easily use for a new store. Surely it would be better to save and rehab the Brand complex instead of just wantonly throwing it away. I can hope.

I visited the site during the late 1990s, when I took several photographs and even scavenged a few old bricks I found lying behind the building. Interestingly, back then I thought that only the northern building (at the far right in this 1970s-vintage photo, from the excellent Forgotten Chicago website) was the Brand Brewery, but after seeing the photo I now realize that the southern building was part of the brewery, too. (What a shame that the charming archway between the two buildings is long gone!) The northern building also briefly housed the short-lived Golden Prairie microbrewery during the mid-1990s, which was gone by the time of my visit. The only thing marking the building as Golden Prairie was a sheet of paper with the brewery logo, which was hanging inside a plastic sleeve on the side door. Hard to believe I didn't scavenge that as well.

(Via Gapers Block.)

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