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Emil Nolde


My high school German teacher, Fraulein Seeliger, fought a perpetually hopeless battle to instill interest in German culture to our mostly indifferent class. Although most of the avant-garde literature and classical symphonies she exposed us to have long since slipped my memory, the one thing that stuck with me was the Expressionist art, particulary that of Emil Nolde. My favorite Nolde is "Vierwaldstätter See" (shown above), which she had clipped from a calendar and taped onto the wall behind my back-row desk. I always admired it, so much so that one day she took it down and gave it to me. But the print was somehow misplaced sometime after that, and I still miss it.

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Clever people master life; the wise illuminate it and create fresh difficulties.

Emil Nolde

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