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"...the kind of book I wanted to write and hadn't yet written..."

I just started reading Conversations with Isaac Bashevis Singer (by Singer and Richard Burgin) and love this passage about an imaginary book:

As a young man I had a dream that kept on repeating itself. I went somewhere, to a library or to a Jewish study house, and there I found an old book, which was both my book and somebody else's, written in very small letters, and I read it and it was full of wonderful stories. And while I read it I thought about taking it home, borrowing the book from the library. Sometimes I did take it home and I always felt that this was the kind of book I wanted to write and hadn't yet written. Sometimes I still see the book in my dreams, and the stories in it are queer and wondrous. Sometimes I still hope to both find this book and write it.

Imaginary, and yet to Singer it was palpably real. Fascinating bit of inspiration for the writer.

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