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Imbalanced approach

The really mind-boggling thing about the budget mess is that the debate could be this acrimonious without any of the final proposals including even a tiny increase in taxes. Can you imagine if the Dems had really pushed for more taxes to reduce the deficit or - heaven forbid that we have an equitable tax code - a reapportionment of tax revenues that requires the upper class and corporations to finally pay their fair share? Washington might have physically imploded from GOP fury, leaving nothing but a smoking crater.

(If this sounds like an offhanded comment more appropriate to a Facebook status update, that's exactly what it is. But Facebook won't take a status update that's as long as this, so I posted it here instead.)

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And I saw a poll somewhere this morning that said that more than 70% of Americans believe that taxes should be raised on the wealthy. So how does this get the GOP re-elected? Well, other than the fact that money seems to win elections these days, and by election time they will have brainwashed the public with their ads. Argh!

Posted by: Julie at Aug 1, 2011 10:28:27 AM