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Three tiny details...

...that I noticed this morning during the short walk between the Monroe Street bridge and my office...

+ A cast-iron bell above the door of the bridgetender's house. The bell is dated 2008, which I remember being the year when the house was meticulously restored by the city. But a bell like that is such an anachronism - there are no bridgetenders any longer, and the houses are all unoccupied - that it surely must have replaced the original version. It even seems to be functional, as it has a bellrope that goes into the house through a small hole in the granite. Nice to see the city pay attention to something this minor during its restoration work.

+ A headphone jack on the Harris Bank ATM machine, apparently for hearing-impaired customers.

+ A roughly stencil-painted sign on the side of an old brick office building, just below the fire escape, that reads "Fire Stairs Don't Block." The sign is surrounded by dumpsters which would, indeed, block the stairs if were they deployed.

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