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"The red shirts spoke of racing."

At first I was drawn to this article because I thought it was about an aging horseracing track - which allures me, on many levels - then was disappointed to realize it was a car track, but finally stayed for the writing, which often borders on literary:

Easy to spot in their red “Save Our Fairgrounds” shirts, they were spread out over the sixth floor, the basement, the lobby and the Council chambers — at least a thousand and possibly hundreds more, possibly more than had come to some past racing events.

The other side was represented, too; a mix of neighborhood residents, environmentalists, small-business owners and real estate agents, they wore yellow shirts reading “Neighbors for Progress.” They spoke of the noise, the deafening drone that stifles conversation on front porches and back yards, even in the living room with the TV on and the windows closed.

They also spoke of sustainable growth, property values, infill, green space, economic development, vibrant corridors — the articles of faith of modern urban planning.

The red shirts spoke of racing.

Excellent work, Campbell Robertson.

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