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Joliet demolishes even more of its legacy.

Crews begin demolition of White Store
JOLIET — A crane armed with a clam bucket sank its teeth into the White Store at 8:11 a.m. Monday and began chipping away at the century-old building’s bricks.

The building was a charming old relic, though admittedly run-down after decades of neglect. Somebody with some vision easily could have renovated and revived the building, but nobody in the city seems to have that much imagination. Instead it's being demolished to expand Joliet Junior College's downtown campus - trouble is, JJC has only half the money needed for the gleaming new building they want to build on the site. And where do they expect the rest of the money to come from? The teetering-on-bankruptcy State of Illinois. Good luck with that. I guarantee the site will be a vacant lot for at least five years, and probably much longer.

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