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Jack London

"I was a sick child, and despite the terrible strain on my heart and tissues, I continually relapsed into the madness of delirium. All the contents of the terrible and horrible in my child's mind spilled out...All the inconceivable filth a child running at large in a primitive countryside may hear men utter was mine...My brain was seared for ever by that experience. Writing now, 30 years afterwards, every vision is as distinct, as sharp-cut, every pain as vital and terrible."
- Jack London, born on this day in 1876

London was one of my earliest literary heroes. I remember, as a kid, starting and abandoning White Fang half a dozen times before finally finishing it, after which I re-read it several times and then adding Call of the Wild, The Sea-Wolf and Martin Eden along the way. And "To Build A Fire" is still one of my favorite short stories. My interest in the writer continues on - I recently downloaded The People of the Abyss (his account of living with the destitute of London's East End) to my iPhone and hope to read it soon.

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