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More from Concord Free Press


I just scored a copy of Rut by Scott Phillips, the latest edition from Concord Free Press. For the unitiated, CFP gives away its books for free, with two caveats - the recipient agrees to make a donation to a charitable institution, and to pass the book onto someone else under the same conditions. The idea is to both disseminate literature and encourage giving to worthy causes, and the press has helped generate over $160,000 in donations so far. I happened to read the first CFP book, Give + Take by Stona Fitch (founder of CFP and co-founder of beloved Boston band Scruffy the Cat), but missed out on the next several releases. But when I read the description of Phillips' book - basically, dystopian satire - I couldn't resist. It looks like there are still copies available, so head on over to the CFP site if you wish.

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